Sefa Nursing Home And Elderly Care Center

Works with consultant doctors specialized in their field. Within the scope of Quality Management approach, it provides continuous training for its personnel and has the principle of "You don't need to worry anymore" and aims at ensuring that the elderly people that are cared for and that have health problems will continue with their lives at humane standards, offering services with total capacity for 184 people.

We are offering tailored nutrition programs for our elderly people under the control of Specialized Doctors and Dietitians, with a modern and human approach. The regular tests and inspections for health control increase the living standards of our guests in an environment that is always clean and as comfortable as home; we also support our guests to remain within social life.

Offering our guests a high quality standard of living is the most significant element defining our Corporate Identity.

In order to prevent the individual from cutting off his/her ties with life, we are ready to serve you with our "SOCIAL FACILITIES AND ACTIVITIES".